Meg is registered with the American Border Collie Association. Meg is a daughter of Jenny, and Corey Perry’s Mirk. Mirk is an imported dog from Brazil, and has won numerous trials in Alberta. He was the Western Canadian Nursery champion 201?. Meg was the pick of the litter, and was sold to Naomi Shields. Naomi raised her as a pet alongside her children. When Meg was 4 months old, Naomi decided to see if she would work sheep like her mom. Please scroll down the page to see the exceptional video of her first time on sheep. I was given the opportunity to buy Meg back, and I jumped at the opportunity. True to her line, she is making a great family dog, and we will further her training this summer.  This website is new and I will add a photo gallery of Meg soon.


This is a video of Meg working sheep when she was just 4 months old. There is no training on her other than a recall in this video.