Our Border Collies



Thanks for taking a minute to read about our Border Collies.

23Our Border Collies are  Jenny, Wisp, and Mick. From our own breeding and upcoming stock dogs we have Meg, and Skye. Mick and Meg will be in training this summer with our Skye starting on sheep in the fall. Please click on the photos for more information about them, and to find out a bit more about each dog.

Border Collies are a working dog breed. They were traditionally bred for herding mainly sheep, but other livestock  as well.  The Border Collies were specifically bred for intelligence and obedience.

Border collies are very acrobatic, smart and athletic. They compete with great success in dog sports, in addition to their success in sheep and cattleIsle of Skye Wisp dog trials, they are often cited as the most intelligent of all dogs.

We have had border collies for years. We have occasionally trialed our dogs, but not on a regular basis.  We do however fully train our dogs to work with our livestock.  In order for our dogs to become part of our program, they must make excellent family dogs, and they also must work our livestock to competition level.

All of our dogs are from exceptional bloodlines, and can be traced back well into the early 1900’s through the extensive pedigrees.

Some of our impressive bloodlines date back to Winston Cap.

Winston Cap is the dog that the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) badge portrays in the characteristic Border Collie herding pose. He was a very popular dog standing at stud in the history of the breed. Cap was a biddable good-natured dog. His bloodlines all trace back to the early registered dogs of the stud book, and to J.M. Wilson’s Cap whose name occurs sixteen times within seven generations in his pedigree. Cap sired three Supreme Champions and is the grand-sire of three others.

Isle of Skye Mick

The criteria we maintain for our dogs is to maintain the traditional bloodline as mentioned above. We occasionally have litters of puppies. Our objective is tophoto raise quality dogs so we were very careful on the selection of our breeding stock. Our dogs are well suited for farm/ranch, trial dogs, or if you are looking for a well behaved family pet that is easy to train our dogs are suited for that as well.