NCC Testimonials

I have had such an overwhelming feedback from people who have bought ram lambs and yearling rams from me in the past I think it is worth sharing a few of these emails.


Hello Susan,
Just a note to say that we are very happy with the ram lamb that we
bought off of you last fall. He did just as we hoped by siring some very
nice lambs, Colby our one son won Grand Champion Ewe with lamb at foot at
the club level and they placed 3rd at 4H on parade in Calgary. We just got
the first lamb of the year last night, a bit unexpected, a wonderful lamb up
and ready to suck anything that moved within minutes of birth, got to love
those Cheviots.

I have attached a picture of some lambs that I slaughtered that were all
sired by the Cheviot ram, as you can see they are picture perfect. The meat
cutter remarked that they were some of the best he has ever seen. The
carcasses weighed 68, 72, 72, 84 lbs and the breeding was NCC x Suffolk x
Rambouillet, NCC x Rambouillet, NCC x Dorper x Blackbelly.

Keep us in mind if you have any ewe lambs for sale.

Merry Christmas

Hi Susan

I’m very glad to hear that you are going to keep your breeding along the traditional lines, it frustrates me when people try to change a breed according to show ring fads or mimic the traits of other breeds.  Each breed had strengths and weaknesses, build on their inherent strengths and weed out  the weakenesses.  Cheviots are known for hardiness, vigour, and carcass quality, very good qualities that are lacking in many of the other breeds.

Hi Susan

I  was just looking at your website.  Beautiful looking stock.  If I was to get back into the sheep again, I would certainly buy my breeding stock from your flock.  Keep up the good work, we need more breeders like you.  I am from Saint John New Brunswick.  I use to breed North Country Cheviots at one time.  Your sheep are lovely, they have great conformation, lots of body and bone, not to mention great heads.  If I ever get out west, I would love to see your flock.

Hi Susan,

I had really nice lambs out of my ram, I bred him to my mature ewes again this year and hope to keep 2 crops of daughters out of him. I left my ewe lambs open so I would have some sheep for my young dogs to work so won’t be looking for another ram for another year. Thanks for the good customer service! I hope you have a good year.

Hi All! Well my roadtrip to BC is over. Allen and I delivered a ram out to  Kelowna BC. I was concerned because of the heat, but we left very early in the morning.   The lady was unable to make the trip to pick up her Ram, so she bought the gas and we delivered the ram to her.   She is a very sweet person, and we spent the afternoon checking out her sheep, her land, and the local pub! I love to get reviews like this!

I got this yearling from Susan Neal last week and he arrived in perfect health despite the heat wave, and has settled in nicely to his new home. He looks every bit as good or better than I expected from the photos and I look forward to a great crop of lambs next spring! He has a sweet temperment, is not as flighty as the breed is described as, and respects all my fencing completely. It was a pleasure meeting Susan and Allan and I know I’ve got a healthy quality ram!