NCC Terminal Sire


The North Country Cheviot Ram gives the type of carcass required to meet today‚Äôs market demands.  Whether used to produce cross bred lambs or pure-bred rams.

Crossing North Country Cheviot rams with almost any flock imparts quality. Using the North Country Cheviots as aSuffolk/Cheviot terrminal sire will produce lambs that are of good conformation and finish at all weights without becoming over fat.

Suffolk/Cheviot LambAs an example of what is popular with producers in today’s market is the NCC ram crossed with Suffolk ewes.  This cross will produce lively and hardy lambs that are up and sucking minutes after birth.  The lambs will also have the hardiness of the NCC ensuring they can withstand poor weather.  This is very important in our Alberta climate.

The demand for the North Country Cheviot ram lambs and yearling rams are increasing year Suffolk/Cheviot lambby year with more and more sheep farmers throughout Canada are recognizing the value of the NCC Ram for crossing with other breeds.

Good rams are keenly sought after by buyers who appreciate the benefits of using the North Country Cheviot as a terminal sire.  I have 2017 yearling Rams available now.  Check out our for sale page

These Ram lambs leave hardy and vigorous lambs when crossed with many different breeds.  Suffolk, Dorset, charollais, just to mention a few.

A very important characteristic of North Country Cheviots is their working lives are considerably longer than most other breeds.