Roving, Quilting Batts, Yarn

Quilting Batts, Roving, Yarn, and Fleeces available for sale.  


Fleece weight: 5-10 lb.
Fiber diameter: 27-33 Microns.
Staple length: 3.5 to 6 inches
Wool softness is 5 on a scale of 1 to 10

North Country Cheviot Wool has many qualities about it that makes it incredibly versatile wool. Cheviots are mainly grown for meat these days; however they are known as a dual purpose breed. Their wool is excellent for outer garments, however washed and conditioned the wool can be worn up against skin. I am an avid Crocheter and Quilter. I was more than thrilled to learn the properties of the sheep that I breed, and even more thrilled when I had an expert in the wool industry tell me that my wool was of exceptional quality because the wool from my sheep carries next to no Kemp (Hair) in it. I have made quilts, pillows, cardigans, mittens, toques and hats with the wool. Here are the finer details.

North Country Cheviot Wool  is a very strong tough wool that is medium/ course. It is ideal for hats mittens, socks, cardigans, and slippers. I tend to like working with yarn that is soft but has texture to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I started working with my wool and found it to be perfect for the type of wool I enjoy working with.
Cheviot wool is soft and very sturdy. It has a very unique three dimensional crimp that gives the wool resilience. It is light and bouncy like a down breed, however it is softer, springier, and it does not felt easily. It is perfect for knitting garments or weaving fabrics with both body and bounce.
Being the versatile wool that it is, North Country Cheviot Wool is the best kept secret in Canada. Not only is North Country Cheviot Wool exceptional for Knitting and Crocheting, North Country Cheviot Wool retains its loft and bouncy texture which makes it ideal for quilting batts and Pillows. Unique to a down breed, it retains its loft even after being washed or boxed up. I have made quilt samples and thrown them in my washing machine with jean material, towels, sheets, and a variety of different items and just laid my quilt out to dry and it has not felted.
I have a limited amount of fleeces available to hand spinners. I have Roving available, and I also have quilting batts available and also yarn for quilters and crocheters.