NCC Ewes and Lambs

North Country Cheviot Ewes and Lambs (Website updated March 2018)

North Country Cheviots are known to be feisty, flighty, and sometimes difficult to handle.  They are ferocious mothers who will stand up anything that attempts to harm their lambs.  They are a very hardy breed, and do very well on marginal feed.  From my own experience, I have found that my North Country Cheviots waste less feed, and consume less than the Suffolk ewes that I owned.  North Country Cheviots are also a longer lived breed of sheep, producing more lambs while maintaining good feet, teeth, and utters.

Both the North Country Cheviots male and female lambs are much in demand – ewe lambs for breeding, pure or crossed, and wether lambs for quality carcasses. (Photo Gallery)

The NCC lambs has a very unique ability to retain leanness and conformation at all weights. NCC lambs are suitable forIMG_2368 both short and long-term finishing systems and can provide a carcass of the highest quality. Check out the testimonial page.

Lambs do well on low ground and marginal land.

North Country Cheviot Lambs are much in demand with finishers. Buyers seek out NCC lambs that are bred and reared locally. The consistency of conformation and the fact that they can be slaughtered at a wide range of weights without fear of becoming over-fat is a major advantage over most other breeds. Year after year lambs of this type command a premium in the finished lamb market. Click here to go to the terminal sire page. Check out our for sale page.  I have several yearling ram  available.  They were born April 2017.  

Replacement Cross/bred NCC ewe lambNCC cross lambs are very popular in many parts of Canada and the U.S. Cross –bred lambs are still fast maturing, and produce first rate carcasses. These lambs finish out with excellent conformation ideal for the prime market, and all year round. In addition to this, the females also make good quality breeding ewes. Check out the Photo Gallery.