LGD’s for Sale

When choosing a guardian dog you must look at both parents in order to make a selection. All guardian dogs are not created equal. Some people breed their dogs just because they can. They do not make a calculated selection of the traits in the sire and the dam. They breed because they have 2 LGD’s and make money off of them. I have not done this in this case. I had no intentions of breeding my guardian dogs. However, though PM’s and talking to people about my LGD’s I booked some puppies from them if ever I decided to breed them. I thought long and hard about this. There are many LGD’s on the market, and I wondered what would set mine apart. Here is what I think makes these puppies stand apart.

This match was specifically chosen because of the dam and sire’s guarding ability, and also temperament. Both the sire and dam are working guardian dogs. Neither of them have lie around on the deck or close to the house. My female is a 4 year old LGD who stays with her sheep, and protects them 365 days a year. I own her full sister, and the two of them work as a team. At night, one of the dogs stays with the sheep at all times. The other does the perimeter patrols. This is not something I have taught them. This is instinct. The male is the lead guardian dog on a 3000 sheep flock farm. He is an excellent guardian dog who is also gentle with children and other small animals. These are the types of traits that will be passed on to these puppies. When raised properly these pups will be excellent guardians dogs. I have 2 Purebred Great Pyreness male puppies available.  They are are 10 weeks old as of March 1, 2018.