Cheviot Photo Gallery

Isle of Skye North Country Cheviot Photo Gallery

Foundation Ewe Breeding Stock

We have strict breeding protocols in place for our foundation flock. All of these ewes were hand picked. Many of the ewes are from our breeding. We have been increasing our flock size over the last few years. To learn more about the Isle of Skye flock click here.

 The Rams

These are our flock Rams. Both are hardy and proven. The first ram is my foundation ram, powerful, proven and as traditional as they come. He has a great attitude and sires tremendous lambs. The second is a ram that I bought from Rusty Bucket last year, he is a proven yearling and has the breeding to sire tremendous lambs as well. To see why using a NCC terminal sire is a good choice click here.

The product of quality breeding stock

This collection of photos show the different stages of growth in quality lambs.  The ewe lambs in this collection have went on to join the Ewe breeding stock. For more information on ewes, and why cross breeding cheviots for a commercial flock is a good idea, click here.

Ram Lambs.

The 2014 lamb crop proved to be a great lineup.  Most of which were rams.  Many of these Ram Lambs were sold in the fall of 2014.  However many of these lambs are exceptional.  I have always sold most of my ram lambs as lambs.   I kept over 6 exceptional rams to be sold as Yearlings.  All of these ram lambs are proving to be exceptional. For more information on these yearlings please contact me.   Click here to find out why using a NCC terminal sire is a good choice.

Sold Yearling Rams

In the past most of my breeding stock has been sold as lambs.  These rams did not sell as lambs I kept them over to sell them as yearlings.  As you can see these are clearly not “left overs” but prime yearlings.