About our Cheviots

North Country Cheviot Sheep

North Country Cheviot Sheep

We raise Registered North Country Cheviot breeding stock

Welcome to the Isle of Skye Pedigree Registered North Country Cheviot Sheep website.

In recent years there has been a trend for long legged North Country Cheviots. We prefer to keep our breeding stock the more traditional type of Cheviots. There  is no profit in long legs. Our traditional cheviots have  short “old country” thick legs, and barrel shaped sheep with bellies close to the ground. We feel that keeping the tradition in our breeding stock imparts the same traditional traits that have made the North Country Cheviot the breed of choice in the old country.  Our flock is known for excellent confirmation, with clean white faces, and legs.

The North Country Cheviot very well suited for our Alberta climate, this breed of sheep have an exceptional ability to thrive under many different weather conditions.

The North Country Cheviot is an intelligent, tough, resourceful sheep and are very thrifty and healthy, with strong maternal qualities.  They are a medium size sheep, and convert feed very efficiently.

Our initial breeding stock comes from Rusty Bucket farms.  Our NCC’s are decendents of the Longoe flock. This flock was the late Queen Mother’s flock from the Castle of Mey in Scotland.  The flock still thrives today.    A few years ago, some cheviot breeders imported semen from the Longoe flock.  Rusty bucket farms invested in some of the breeding stock from the product of this importation.  This proved to be a very good choice.    Alan won top shearling Ram Lamb at the Calgary Stampede with this bloodline in 2008.  For more information on the Longoe flock visit The Castle of Mey.

 We have a “closed flock”. This means  that all new breeding stock rams are quarantined for a specific amount of time, and purchased from reputable breeders.  When sheep are sold and leave  the farm, it does not return. Because we have a closed flock, our farm has no foot rot, Orf, or any of the other diseases easily spread through sheep.

A word about cross-bred sheep

Although I raise Purebred NCC breeding stock, I also wanted to stress how the NCC can improve a commercial flock. I had a commercial flock of mixed sheep a few years ago. What prompted me to get into raising NCC breeding stock was from my own experience of using a Registered North Country Cheviot ram as a terminal sire. Please check out the NCC terminal sire page, and the NCC ewes and lambs page.